Monday, March 23, 2015

On Exercise

Hello again, dear readers! 

Today I wanted to talk about what exactly I do for exercise. I've had a few people ask me for some ideas on where to start, and basically my only advice is this: Do whatever activity you will actually do. It's great to have big ambitions, like going to the gym every day, or running 3 miles before breakfast. Those are wonderful goals to have! But for me, those aren't things I can make myself do every day. I've had a gym pass, I've gone religiously every morning at 6 AM before work, but I could only do it for so long before I burned out. 

Your body will take some time to acclimatize to your new lifestyle, so start simple.When I first started on this journey (cliche terminology goes here...sorry folks), I started with my elliptical. I could only do 8 minutes the first time. 8. That was all I was capable of without crumbling on the floor. I was upset that that was all I could handle and got mad at myself, even though it was a step in the right direction. I felt embarrassed and ashamed that I couldn't do more, but that feeling only made me push myself harder. Gradually, I was able to build up my endurance, and the first time I hit 15 minutes was one of the most glorious feelings ever. It took time. 

Now, my average runs are around 45 minutes covering anywhere from 4 to almost 5 kms, which is a huge improvement for me! It just took time and going back on the machine every day (or every other day). Now that it's spring (and GORGEOUS FOR MARCH IN WINNIPEG) I try and go outside as much as possible. There's something therapeutic about seeing the grass and feeling the sunlight on your skin! 

I also try and incorporate at least 2-3 days of strength training at home. This just means that I'll use my free weights I bought at Wal-Mart, or Target, can't remember which, and my exercise ball. I do a lot of the Pinterest workouts- those lovely combination sheets with motivational quotes above them... You do have to sort through them, there's a lot of garbage on there, but occasionally you'll find a good one. Pretty much anything with Jillian Michaels involved will guarantee pain the next day. I hate/love her, but I can't deny she gets the point across! 

I am hopefully getting my gym membership back in April for the sole purpose of Aquacise. Oh my god, guys. That is one of the most enjoyable methods of exercise I have found- I love being in the water, and the fear of putting on a bathing suit doesn't matter much since everyone is pretty much there for the same thing. Except some of those older ladies in the front row. They're just there to talk about the latest going's on with Gladys and her husband, but hey! They're still in the water, running in place! Fun fact- the first time I went, I thought, "Oh, I can so take those little old ladies! I am going to be swimming laps around them in no time!"... No. They kicked my ass that first class. They have many kudos from me. 

So there you go! I'll be posting some actual exercises in the next while, and I'll try and put up my recipe of the week in a couple of days! I'll also be putting up my first progress report (yikes!), so I'd love to hear if anyone else is having any luck with their endeavor! 



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