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Good morning, fellow humans! 

After my slightly less than chipper post yesterday, I decided I would start this new 'trend' of me blogging with something that I love. I say trend, but secretly I am hoping that this habit will stick because hey! I rather enjoy a good stream of rambling consciousness! 


Cliche, yes, but boring? NEVAH. 

I could prattle on and on (and probably will) about how much I adore the written words of others, whether they come in the form of a blog post, an article, a novel, an imdb write up (okay, admittedly a little weird), random fanfiction (there are some gems out there!), comments on tumblr (fine,that one is just to marvel at the genius of other people's comments) or anything else. LOVE it. But, as with any book worm, my heart lies in books. 

I decided that, since I did something kind of scary to me yesterday, I have earned a little bit of fun share time! I have compiled my personal list of:

Books to Read in Your Twenties (or anytime, because books)

I've seen a fair few of these posts, most of them on glorious sites like Buzzfeed (another one of my daily vitamins). Some of these books shaped me as a person, while others are simply ones that I grew up loving and I wish to perhaps pass them along to an unsuspecting passerby. Please keep in mind that I have left out the Harry Potter series simply because I am a muggle (sad), and I am a firm believer that every Muggle must educate themselves about Harry Potter and god-queen Rowling. Always. Moving on. 

1- The Darkest Minds Series by Alexandra Bracken

These books will, in a word, 'break' you. And when I say 'break', I mean the slow, ever so wonderful, full-stop, can't get enough, never want the agony to end kind of 'break' that only truly great writers can accomplish. This series blew me away right from the first pages and once I started, I COULD. NOT. STOP. I also did the worst thing possible and bought and read the first book only days after it came out. This was by accident. I then had to wait a year for the next one, and another YEAR after that. So be glad I am suggesting this to you now and not when they first came out. Otherwise you would have been sharing my tear-filled boat SANS life vest sailing straight for Danger Bay. 

These books bring to light so many fantastic moments and changes that come with discovering who you are. They have characters so real and so complex that even now, months after I finished reading the last book, I still catch myself wondering about what is happening in the characters lives. They are part of me in a way that few fictional characters have ever become.

2- The Watcher Series by Margaret Buffie

Written by a Manitoban author, The Watcher series was one of my childhood favorites. The writing, while simple, tells such an interesting and epic story. Science fiction meets old fashioned folklore, and I sit down to read these books once a year. My mom got them for me on a whim, but not a summer went by that they weren't stashed in one of my carry along items for flights or camping trips. This became 

3- Red Shirts by John Scalzi

Okay, this one is a little bit nerdier than the others, but if you enjoy sarcastic, biting, ironic humor like I do, then trust me- Star Trekish (that's a word, don't judge) though this book may be, lacking in entertainment it is not. It is fantastic from start to finish, an easy read that is so well developed that it can transport you (see what I did there? Beam me up, Scalzi!) in but a few pages. I found myself laughing out loud by light of my cellphone light while my husband slept. Thank god my laugh is mostly me just shaking silently and looking around like I just said something brilliantly funny and I expect others to join in. The narrator is the sort of fellow you would want at parties/every single day because they have such a clever way of making comments. It's bravery through fear and laughter which is something I am a huuuge fan of. 

4- Looking For Alaska by John Green

 I know, you were waiting for when this name would pop up, weren't you? I thought as much. When I first decided to pick up a John Green book, I had no idea what to expect. Sure I'd heard a lot of hubub about his books, especially The Fault In Our Stars, which I did read and am forever more emotionally scarred/ in awe of, but I wasn't sure if it would be my kind of read. 

I am so glad that I decided to pick up his books. Looking For Alaska was the book I read to get the tears out of my throat after finishing TFIOS. I was not disappointed. The man can write, and what's even more incredible is the way he can get inside your head, can make his characters matter to the point where you completely check out from reality and end up forgetting that you are reading about a person dreamed up inside the skull of a fantastic youtuber. I know I'm big on character stuff, as I've said, but this was one of those books that kind of got me through some stuff. Again with the cliches!! I know. I'll stop now. Maybe. I make no promises. 

5- Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips

I'm a suck for anything to do with Greek Mythology, especially things that throw it into a new light. This book does that while you laugh off Apollo's smiley face tighty whiteys into a bowl of Poseidon's goldfish crackers, all the while watching Zeus try to get his pieces of toast out of the toaster with a lightning bolt. Yeah. That. So good. 

6- The Partials Series by Dan Wells

This was another series that I got hooked on a few years back when I did the dreadful thing of buying multiple New works all at once. If you are into dystopian reads that combine things that have potential to really happen and science fiction, then this is a read you will enjoy. Super soldiers, biologically designed plagues that wipe out 98% of the world, genetics, old world meets new world- I mean, it's pretty much got it all right there. 

7- Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

The eighties. A golden age of video games, hair bands, classic movies, adventure, and rock band concert shirts that people now search out online. This is another one of those highly addictive reads that will have you flipping pages faster than you did when you realized you forgot about the homework that was due in the thirty seconds before class. Light speed, my friends. This book is a rocket ship to awesome town- Population, you and whoever else reads this book/ loves awesome things. It's that good. Much adventure. Such thrill. Wow. 

8- Ex-Heroes by Peter Cline (Not to be confused with Ernest Cline, although he did write a lovely quote for the front jacket) 

Zombies and Superheroes. ZOMBIES. AND. SUPERHEROES. 

...it doesn't get better than that. Moving on. 

9- Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series by Rick Riordan

I got these for Christmas and I'm halfway through the first set of five... the fact that I have pulled myself away from book 3 is a testament to how much I wanted to write this list. As previously stipulated, I love me some Greek Mythology, and Rick Riordan KILLED it with these books. Something about these books reminds me of the Harry Potter series- a compliment I do not hand out lightly. It's like growing up with your Hero. And Percy Jackson has so much sass I have had to put the book down more than once to shake my head at his whip-quick retorts. I want to be like him when I grow up. 

10- Red Rising by Pierce Brown

I did an entire post about this book riiiiiight here because it is so stinking good. I CANNOT wait for the next one to come out in January. It's just... asdf;lkjasd;lfkjasd;lfkja 


Now, I have left out a good many favorites, but that is only because I am sure a lot of you have already fallen in love with them. Game of Thrones, the Hunger Games, Divergent, Mortal Instruments City of Bones (the book not the movie. I'm sorry, I can't back that one. Can't. Won't. Same thing), the list is endless. The list I made is merely a new sampling if you care to give it a whirl! 

I'd love to hear what books you're reading! I'm always looking for new pages to fill the old bookshelf with- after I finish this Percy Jackson business. Seriously guys, it's ruining my life. 


*Him: the book series. I don't know how to work Gifs. I just learned how to pronounce them properly. 

Anyways! I hope you enjoyed this list and I hope that you get a chance to crack open a few of these gems :) 

Cheers, readers!   

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