Sunday, February 23, 2014

Well That Escalated Quickly...

Oh my ever loving Team Canada Gold, has it been a long while since I've posted! Good grief!! The last two (ish?) months have been complete and utter madness and I promise that I will be doing a good deal more posts from now on! 

I know I probably don't have to supply my paltry list of excuses for my blogland-unintentional-hiatus, but I feel like a shmuck. 

So, for anyone who doesn't know, my husband and I decided in January that our family wasn't quite hectic and insane enough. On my Facebook, I keep up with the rescue organization that helped us find our loveable oaf, Bear, and am constantly bombarded with pictures of adorable puppies and dogs in need of loving homes. 

Folks, I'm that person who will squee abnormally loud when I happen to see a fluffy puppy whilst driving, cooking, doing just about anything. Puppies are puppies. And they need cuddles. All. The. Time. Needless to say, having the pictures of dogs in need come up on my Facebook feed was quite detrimental to my resolve of waiting until Bear was fully trained/ we didn't live in a tiny little house before getting him a friend. 

Then, right before Christmas I saw this picture. Her name was Mona. And she broke all the cockles of my heart in pieces. 

She came from an abusive home, was a surrogate for a litter of puppies, had the most incredible eyes, and these big floppy ears that looked like she hadn't been happy up until being rescued by the amazing Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue. 

I died a little bit each day her picture resurfaced on that News Feed. 

My husband, ever the realist out of the two of us, was leery. We didn't need another dog yet. We couldn't afford it. We didn't have a fully trained Bear yet. 

But then the stars lined up. I got a raise at work. Bear started behaving better each day. We reorganized our house and discovered that there's actually a surprising amount of space. Everything came together and he finally said those magic words. 

"Let's go look at her." 

It was a done deal. The second we met her, it was impossible to leave her. I've never in my life met a more calm, sweet, gentle dog. Bear and her DID NOT get along at first and it broke our hearts. How could we bring her home if they didn't get along? We couldn't do that to Bear. But then, again, things worked out. After five minutes of seeing each other, they were playing, sharing carrots, sniffing what I'm sure in dog land is an acceptable area. 

And now we have two wonderful fur babies :) Mona, who is now Nova, came with some baggage that we've been working to fix. In the beginning, she flinched when you touched her, cowered if you called to someone in another room, tried to make herself as small as possible when you walked past. To say it was heartbreaking is a gross understatement. 

Sidebar- I do NOT understand how someone could be cruel to her, or any dog, cat, animal, anything. Nova just wanted so badly for someone to love her, but she was so terrified of letting it happen for that first month.

Now after countless shnuggles, more hugs than you could count, kisses and belly rubs, she is finally beginning to trust that we won't let her go. 

She's found her family, and we've found a new life teacher. She's the one curled up next to my husband. It's like she realized she found her humans, and she is slowly learning that she will never be hurt again.


On a different note, here's the other reasons I've been a horrible cyber host. 

Cakes. I've been getting into the sugar frosted world of cake making. I have sacrificed more Friday nights, white socks, burned fingers, and dye-coloured limbs than I will admit to, but I LOVE it. I'm trying to get better for the sole purpose of getting to make one of my oldest friend's wedding cakes in December. I don't really feel like botching it, so I'm practicing up! 

In the last month, I've done three huge cakes, a metric buttload of cupcakes, cookies, pastries, and some other sugary good things. These are some of the tasty things I've made in the last few months: 

 My Papa turned 50 in October, so I went all out on this one.

 Christmas isn't Christmas without sugar cookies :)

 A woman I work with asked me to do a cake for her son's tenth birthday! Puffles... didn't know those existed until this cake happened...

 My Gigi, and generally awesome man who pretty much raised me, turned 80 last Monday! Can't believe it! He loves Crib, hence the cake. This is one of my favorites! Everything is edible. The cards are fondant and hand painted, the board is Rice Krispies and fondant rolled to look like wood, and I made each individual pegging piece. Woot!

 Who. Doctor. Who. One of my most amazing co-workers got a job at our Head Office, and while I wanted to cry because she no longer was a desk away, it's a really awesome job! So this was the cake I came up with for her farewell party! Also one of my faves!

 These were for an order that came in for an Alice In Wonderland themed birthday! I had a ridiculous amount of fun coming up with these. Total freedom. Love the Alice one.

  And this one was for my husband's 27th birthday. He wanted a really simply cake because I had three others to make the same weekend, and we had just seen the Lego Movie (which GO SEE). 

So, in conclusion, I have been one busy bee the last few months, but I will once again bring my sarcasm out in here when I can! :) Thanks for all the kind words of support. You all have no idea how amazing it is when someone talks to me about something they read on here. It's an incredible feeling and makes me feel so blessed that anyone would be willing to read my rantings and ravings. I have a few stories I want to write out- they're entertaining, I promise- because I haven't since Christmas, and if you can't laugh about things, then what's the point? 

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