Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Price Is Right Effect

Sick days. 


I can say without a shadow of a doubt that these are my absolute least favorite days of the year. No one likes being sick, that much is abundantly clear, but having to sit around in my house and do nothing drives me to a very unhappy place. I will very rarely actually call in sick to work, with a few exceptions of course, and the fact that I had to today made me less than pleased. 

I know, I know. It's better to call in sick so you don't spread your germs around and infect the whole office with your personal brand of plague, but I have a deep-seated fear of letting people down. This also extends to people in my office who, upon dealing with my garbled phone call, will now have to run around trying to find someone to cover for me. Because I can't be there, someone else will now have to grossly alter their job to cover for me.

I HATE THIS. Not dislike, more than loathe- HAAAATE this. 

Blogging is just about the only thing I can do today and while I enjoy it, there are about a million things I need to get done. 

I have Christmas shopping, baking, errands to be run, a book to get ready to send out early in the new year (fingers crossed!), a sidewalk that is becoming an ice-riddled hazard, tires that need to get fixed, a photoshoot to prep for, a hyper-active puppy that needs to be walked, and about a zillion other things that are scaring me because I can't remember them. Lists. I need to make those. ALWAYS. 

Sick days as a kid were so much better. Granted, as my mom was a school teacher, I didn't usually get to wheedle my way out of going to school, but when I was sick enough I would relish my sick days. Jell-o, whatever movies I wanted (within reason- I will NEVER recover from watching Gremlins), my grandparents checking up on me, and getting to watch the Price Is Right all day long. And cooking shows. For whatever reason, it didn't matter if I had the stomach flu or a cold, the Food Network was my other happy place. 

Now that I'm sadly immersed in the Grown-Up world (shivers), taking a day off is nowhere near as wonderful. It means there will be work piled up from today left over for me to deal with tomorrow, which will already be a hectic day, and it means that, because my body decided that throwing up everything but my childhood memories on the side of a road was a good idea this morning, I will be in rough shape to deal with life in general. 

I know I'm being a grump about this, but it's frustrating. I swear I'm not a whiny human by nature... just today.

And to top all of this off, my work has no water for the next week due to construction. Yup. That checks out. 

So if I'm still rockin' the stomach sensation of '13, tomorrow I will be grossly unable to get water in my system. Which will suck. A lot. 

The only upside of this whole situation is that today, as I snuggled up to my bucket companion, I blew through both Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Yeah... Now I'm in withdrawal because I finished the books again and I'm not over those characters. My obsession with them probably isn't healthy, but it's like losing family!

Those are my favorite books- the ones where it doesn't matter how terrible you feel, or how run down you are, you just can't stop devouring the story. They will take you away completely and surround you in their made up world. It's easy to forget everything else when you become so emotionally invested in the lives on a page. Sometimes I'll get an overwhelming need to reread one of my favorites just because I want to feel a certain thing. I doubt that makes any sense at all, but it's the gospel truth. 

Books have a power over their readers that so few art forms can manage. 

This quickly went from a rant to a broader topic in and of itself. Whoops! My bad. 

Anyways, if anyone has any favorite books or other cures to the sick day blues, fire away! I'd love to hear them :) 

Stay healthy and warm out their friends! 

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  2. Okay, so the first and BIGGEST thing that I got from this is that MY FINGERS ARE CROSSED FOR YOU TOO!! They don't need to be, because that book is freaking unbelievable, but I will cross them permanently for you :)
    Second... you should read the Unwind series!! SO GOOD! I loved them almost as much as Darkest Minds, and that's saying something. (side note... someone posted on twitter today that they read the third TDM book and had to put it down at one point to weep. Yes, WEEP. I am officially terrified/excited!!)
    Finally... I totally understand what you mean by the need to re read books (considering I've read the Harry Potter series 20+ times... haha). Some times you just need to feel it all over again. It's pretty much how I feel about your book... my heart wants to go read it again, but my mind keeps yelling that I have three new books that also need to be read. It seems like my Christmas break will be spent playing with a crazy kitten and reading lots of books :)

  3. That's what those books were called!! Unwind! I was trying to remember it the other day!! And that's really sweet :) Thank you!! Oh lord, TDM... now I'm both terrified and altogether anxious about it but I want it NOW.