Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Trophy of Participation

I realize that I just did a post last week about Christmas fever, but I just can't help it! It's Christmas/the holidays EVERYWHERE. I feel like everywhere I go I'm getting more and more sucked into the Christmas spirit. It's useless to try and fight it. I sound like I'm a Grinch by saying that but I promise I'm not! I love Christmas :) 
That being said, there's a couple of things I want to address about this wonderful season. 
Christmas is the season of giving. Generosity. Love. Compassion. Family. All that feelgood stuff! And baking. Let's not forget about the baking. I'm having a serious inner battle about the cookies that are in my freezer. It's cold in there. I should proooobably take them out. Don't want to be mean... It's not like they have scarves of anything... yeah. I should let them warm up for a bit.
No! Fight it! 
And we're back. 
Where I'm going with this is that Christmas itself offers its own special brand of giving. I'm talking about the actual season. Like it's a person. With me still? Good. 
Christmas supplies us with these wonderful feelings. Made of rainbows and smiles. 
In no other season can you get the following: 

The magical feeling of buying your last present! 
Congratulations! You have successfully navigated the barbaric antics of the highly dangerous Christmas shoppers. If you need a reminder of which ones assailed you, click here. I'm sure they are already burned into your memory, but just think! Now you don't have to deal with them until... Boxing Day. Where they will Hulk out like nobody's business. Don't even think of getting that TV you saw in the flyer. Don't even look at the picture too closely. Places like Best Buy are going to turn into Sparta. Just don't do it. You will get kicked down a well. And die.

Peeling the skin off of a Christmas orange in ONE piece. 
Now this one, if you can accomplish it, is one of the best feelings out there. I stand by this statement. It is my main mission every Christmas season to see it done. I imagine this is what I look like to friends, family, coworkers when I try to be gentle and delicate. Eventually I get angry and just rip it to shreds. 

Singing the wrong words to a Christmas carol in public. LOUDLY. 
This one is a little more specific. I have a bigger voice, so when I screw up words, well, it's pretty obvious. Personally, I feel as though my made up lyrics add texture to the experience that is listening to a Christmas carol. Some would disagree. Mainly the people who sit in front of us at church. Even if the words are right in front of my nose, I'm still probably not going to get it right because, "I know the right words! I don't need to look at this sheet of truth in front of my face!" People, I am the person who has spent her whole life thinking the lyrics to the Little Mermaid's Part of Your World go, "Legs, furry flyers for jumping, dancing!" ... Yeah. My husband shattered that illusion real good. I thought I was right. Though his weird "Legs are required" theory does make more sense... 

Watching someone's face when they open your gift
Alright, this one is a little sappy but I couldn't help myself! How wonderful is it when you get to see someone open up your gift that you have been waiting to give them for ages? The best. It's absolutely one of my favorite things about Christmas. Mainly because usually my gifts are random and weird and their expressions range from amusement to mild confusion and sometimes skepticism. It's great. 

Eating all the tasty things and completely forgetting about the gym
So. Many. Noms. Somehow when that tray of homemade dainties gets brought out, you always (to your credit) start off all, "Oh, no thank you. I'm trying to watch my- ARE THOSE MARSHMALLOW PEANUT BUTTER SQUARES?!" And suddenly, boom. You have one of every kind stacked on your plate. And you can't just throw them out. That's being rude.


The justification of kindness and aggression
Ah yes. This feeling is the one you get when you're trying desperately to get into the correct lane in traffic (or shopping malls- there are full blown lanes now) and someone lets you in. You wave frantically to the car behind you and stop cursing them aloud in the car. Hey. How were you supposed to know that they weren't going to be the asshat you thought they were? Now that they've let you in, somewhere down the line you are going to let someone else in. Just one. If more than one car tries to get into your lane they are getting honked at and given the finger inside of your woolen mitten. 

Christmas gives us some truly fantastic sentiments. It's why people love the season; because of how it makes them feel. And that goes for whatever you celebrate at this time of year! So now that it's December make sure to enjoy every little piece of the season. Go out of your way to make a strangers day. One of my favorite ways of doing this is every time I go to Tim's or Starbucks I pay for the car behind me. It's a little gesture, but I figure if I'm going to spend money and splurge buying a completely unnecessary coffee, then I have to have enough to buy it for a stranger. Once, I did this at a local Starbucks in the morning. I ended up going back there the next day with a friend and the lady that had helped me said that once I paid for the car behind me, that kept on going for two and a half hours!! That right there made it all worth it. So do a little extra this year! Make someone's day a little better :)  

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  1. marshmallow peanut butter squares are basically my kryptonite.

  2. Oh my god so good. I have all the ingredients in my house for them. It's like a powder keg.

    1. my dad made butter tarts this weekend too. and I wanted to simultaneously punch him and hug him. so bad but sooooo gooooood.

  3. ... so what time should I be at your house? :p butter tarts are delicioooooooous. I wish Blair liked them. Then I'd be able to make a batch and not HAVE to eat it all myself. Because clearly that's a sserious issue. Pfft.