Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Writing and Music- The Peanut Butter and Jelly Effect

For most of you out there, you don't know all that much about me. Well, maybe you do if I have somehow coerced you into reading this, but if not then I am some stranger on the internets. I have always had a passion for all things creative. Writing, music, painting, poetry, photography- I have even begun to dabble in the art form that is knitting (though don't ask me knit anything besides a trapezoid. Somehow that's always what ends up happening).
That being said, as far as regular life skills and general know-how go, my older brother, Jordan, got the lion's share. Even when we were kids, he could get just about anything he wanted out of sheer persuasion. Jordan, if you are reading this, I am STILL not over the fact that you took the batteries out of the Tamagotchi I bought from you just so that you could sell them to me later. 
But I digress. 
The point of this running monologue is that over the years I have found very few things that I have connected with more than writing, music, and the combination of the two. 
I was always the kid that spent far more time slipping away with my headphones into worlds of my own creation than listening to age appropriate music. Don't get me wrong. Back Street Boys and 'Nsync are still loves of my life, but there was something so addictive to listening to classical music. As I would listen to the music unfold, the stories in my head would gain definition and take on a life of their own. 
Something that I have always done, and still do to this day, is compile playlists for the books I read. There is something so wonderfully fantastic about attaching music to the epic or heartbreaking moments you play over in your mind. I will rename tracks to suit my 'soundtracks' needs. This also means that I get EXCEEDINGLY frustrated with myself when I can't remember the original track name. 
It could be that I simply enjoy music a ridiculous amount given my variation of synesthesia, but I think it is more. Music can give you just as much of a story as the words written on a page can and when the two combine... it's magic. 
Now that I've completed the arduous task of writing a book (this sounds far more impressive that it is in reality, I can assure you, given its rough edges), I've started making my own playlist. Mostly, and I'm not ashamed of this, it is compiled of tracks borrowed from Hans Zimmer's brilliant imagination. I then find myself being pulled into the story, sinking into the music rather than the words. I go the gym? I'm blasting the Man of Steel soundtrack in my ears. I'm trying to get myself pumped up for work? Dark Knight Rises. I feel like getting my frustrations out after a long and HIGHLY IRRITATING day at the office? Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Nothing makes you feel better than picturing the person who has been making your life hell plummeting over the edge of a waterfall in a rickety wooden ship. 


The point of all this, dear blogland, is that writing and music are like peanut butter and jelly. Macaroni and cheese. Chocolate and... well.. anything.
Is there anything that inspires you when you write? Any songs in particular? Feel free to sound off below! I'm always looking for new suggestions :) 

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  1. For one, I am so amazingly impressed that Jordan sold you the batteries to the Tamagotchi. i have never even thought of doing that... and For two, LOL at chocolate and everything... especially peanut butter.