Friday, November 29, 2013

Fur-baby Friday

The past couple months our loveable and wonderful dog, Bear, has been consistently battling a mystery medical condition. This means that while we have shelled out copious amounts of money at the vet, we have still been unable to determine the source. Anyone who has had the opportunity to be enthusiastically welcomed by our dog knows that he is the biggest sweetheart underneath his somewhat intimidating exterior. I've never met a more happy-go-lucky critter in my life and I cannot fully explain how heartbreaking it is to see him constantly sick. You'd never know he was hurting, he's so jolly all the time. I won't go into the details, but basically he has to deal with a lot of uncomfortable and painful sores all over him that can only be treated by antibiotics, steroid drops, and weekly checkups. 
Now, because we adopted him, we really have no way of knowing what breeds we are dealing with here. We know he has lab in him, and we know he has husky. Our vet has even kicked around the idea of wolf being thrown in there, while improbable, because we can't figure out where he has gotten the incredible muscle mass from. He's also my height (5'7). Aaaand 105 pounds.
Here's what he looked like the night we got him at two months old: 

Here's what he looks like now: 

But the best things about Bear are all jumbled up in his personality. 
He knows how to give the best hugs.
He is strategic in a way that makes me look like an amoeba.
If there is peanut butter in the house, he will find it. 
If you open said peanut butter jar and offer it to him, he will run away terrified. 
He will "sneak attack" dive bomb you in bed if you leave the door open. 
He can lock his owners out of the house in thirty below. 
He gets upset if you stop him from playing the piano. 
He finds my singing offensive every other day. 
He loves socks more than Dobby (I realize this is a bold statement)  


 If you are on the phone, he also enjoys looking at the pictures of cats.  

And sometimes, he just wants to be held. 

Other times, not so much. GET OFF ME HUMAN. WHAT ARE YOU DOING. STAHP. 

The point of this post, friends, is that I love my dog. He is my family. Though he is costly, and sometimes insane, he is the greatest dog I could have ever asked for. Blair and I got so incredibly lucky with him. I thank God every single day that I get to wake up to my small family. I know it was 'Murica's Thanksgiving yesterday, and I know that today will be henceforth known as "The Friday of The Night's Watch", but I just wanted to take a minute to put a little bit of Canadian thankfulness out there.

And just in case none of these things brought a smile to your heart, here's a picture of some Ewok-like puppies. Try not to squee. Go on. 

 photo alexsignature_zps233ff473.png


  1. That picture of Blair and Bear is priceless. Bear's face. That needs to be zoomed in. Oh god. Love him.