Sunday, November 24, 2013

And so it begins…

Alas, I have finally caved and started up a blog. I’m never really sure what to write in a first meeting. It’s like those mesmerizing books that have you so invested that you almost want to steal a peek at the end just to know that it will be okay and that you didn’t just spend hours of your life becoming emotionally attached for nothing. So Hello, Internetland! Be gentle- I’m new, and I promise that once I learn how to do more than write in a little white square, I will be far better equipped to contribute my own brand of sarcasm and, while somewhat groan-worthy, humor to this tiny realm of cyberspace.
There’s nothing quite so terrifying as letting someone read your thoughts, yet here we all are! Doing just that! So kudos to all of the writers, bloggers, and artists who are willing to put a little bit of themselves out there.
Welcome to my brain :)

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